Who Protects the Protector

How does one show gratitude for the impact an Angel has been to them. Such an impact that wasn’t in the form of monetary or material things, but just for unconditionally loving and caring about the well being of every ounce of your physical existence aka your heart.

God places people in your life at times where he seems you may need it the most. Not always necessarily for positive reasons, sometimes even to show you a lesson. I am a firm believer that God knew exactly what we needed, and sent it by way of an Angel.

To Be Continued…



Time seems to never be on my side…
I swear if it was possible I’d hide

Time at times seems to tick so slow…
But i swear everyone around me ALWAYS… Go Go Go…

In a hurry that is

See time, is bitter sweet,delicate yet precious…without it everything stops….and with it….comes headache and heartache…..