Hunger Games-More Like Sick Fantasy


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I’m not sure if l can get with all the hype about the movie The Hunger Games. Though I’ve heard people bragging over the book for years, I’ve just recently took the time out to watch the first movie released.

While I understand that the book, originally a science fiction read, received positive praise and review, l don’t understand such praise over a story line involving young teenagers being televised to kill one another.

I know I know, everyone likes what they like, but how does one get a thrill based off of children killing one another for the entertainment of adults.

Just my opinion…. What are your thought…

I’m Ready…


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I guese its safe to say, Fall has arrived. I can’t believe October 1st is just one day away (where did the Summer go).

Nonetheless I’m ready-I’m ready for…

The leaves to turn burnt orange

Slow sips of a variety flavors of hot tea

Continuously buying chapstick because I can never keep up with just one

Crazy but soft fuzzy warm cozy socks

That long 5 seconds of the sheets feeling like icicles when you first get in bed

Putting the lawn mower faaaaar back in the shed (smile)

Eating maple oatmeal for breakfast

Everything pumpkin spice and hazelnut scent…candles, plug-ins, hand soaps

Starbucks hot apple cidar (yum)

Pumpkim patch visit (yes, I wanna go this year)

Family holiday visits

Throwing flip flops to the back of the closet,  and wearing warm boots

Losing gloves, and wearing hats and scarves (I can never find my other glove)

Apple picking-haven’t gone in YEARS

Watching football, talking trash, and defending my Redskins especially against the COWGIRLS (ha)

Layers, long sleeves, light jackets and bubble vest (my fav)

Early morning children chatter walking to the bus stop

Having my windows open, and snuggling with extra blankets

Halloween, costumes and eating candy that I shouldn’t have touched in the first place

Running out a few minutes early to warm my car

Would be nice to cuddle (ha)

All my Libra friends birthdays

Here are just a few things I’m ready for, what are you looking forward to this Fall?







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